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Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing



If you have taken a Yoga session or know about meditation, you have surely heard about Chakras and the role they play in the flow of energy in our body. In Sanskrit, CHAKRA means Wheel, the moving Wheel. A wheel which is dynamic and creates an energy field around it. There are multiple chakras of spinning energy in our body each of which corresponds to major organs and nerve bundles. Chakras are also called energy centers in our psychic body, and they supply required energy to various parts of our body.  These energy bundles need to stay open and balanced - a blockage may lead to experiencing emotional or physical impacts related to a particular chakra.


Root Chakra - is located at the base of your spine. The root chakra relates to color red, and it deals with skin, blood, and abdomen and lower areas. The root chakra connects to sense of grounding, stability, and security. In our day to day life. It can connect to physical problems like lower back discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, anal problems, impotence, water retention, hip problems, legs, knees, feet. It also relates to psychological problems like being indecisive, depressive, loneliness, anxious, being low on confidence, having addition and phobias.

Sacral Chakra - is located in the abdomen or navel area. The sacral chakra relates to color orange and deals with the reproductive system. This chakra mainly has to do with sexuality, relationships, intimacy, sensations, pleasure, passion. In terms of physical discomforts, it connects with chronic lower back pain, infertility, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, sexual disorders, dysfunctional menstrual cycles, problems with intestines, gall bladder. It also relates to psychological problems like feeling of lethargy, lack of motivation for life, low urge for sex or physical agility, mild addiction, unbalanced emotions.

Solar Plexus - is located below the sternum. The solar plexus relates to color yellow which further relates to our digestive system. An imbalance my trigger digestive and intestinal disorders, eating disorders, food allergies, poor metabolism, obesity. It also relates to psychological problems like anxiety of being a failure or not being loved, fear of getting sick or dying, low self-esteem or low confidence.


Heart Chakra - is located in the center of the chest and associates with color green. It connects with problems associated with the hear, respiratory system (asthma, breathlessness), breast problems, back pains, pain in the upper arm, shoulder, circulation. It also relates to psychological problems like being unforgiving, hopelessness, may affect a persons ability to be kind, loving, giving, being compassionate to others.


Throat Chakra - is located around the throat and associated with color blue. It connects with problems like ENT issues (Ear, Nose, Tongue), thyroid, neck, throat, teeth, ailments of the esophagus and tonsils. It also relates to psychological problems like nervousness, anxiety, feeling isolated, fear, attention disorders. This chakra is about self-expression and communication. If out of balance or blocked, it usually suggests the person needs to speak out, express, communicate as they may be in an expression hiding.

Third Eye Chakra - is located between the eyebrows and associates with color indigo. It relates to problems in and around the eyes like visual disorders, hearing problems, scalp or hair issues, brain. The third eye chakra connects with how intuitive you are, your spiritual awareness, imagination, consciousness, clairvoyance. It also relates to psychological problems like seizures, personality disorders, learning limitation, headaches, migraine.

Crown Chakra - is located at the top of the head and associates with color white or violet. This chakra has all to do with the nervous system, mind and the whole body. The crown chakra directly links with our spiritual connection and universal consciousness. This is how it differentiates with the third eye chakra that links with individual consciousness while crown chakra links with larger universal consciousness. If unbalanced, crown chakra may lead affect the health of our brain and eventually our mental, physical and spiritual health. It relates to psychological problems like dementia, epilepsy, depression, confusion, loss of faith.


A Chakra Balancing session can be given in person or remotely (distance healing). It will help to balance the right chakra in part or full and will help lead a better and healthy life.



Start with one session to assess and understand the symptoms and which chakra they are associated with. Post assessment, future course of action may be decided upon. Usually, it takes 3-5 sessions for chakra balancing to be effective.


Keeping in mind that the recovery is still underway from Covid 19, all sessions are currently conducted remotely. You can go through the options below and chose to what you would want to go for.

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Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Services

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Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing

USD 85

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Aura Cleansing

USD 55

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Chakra Balancing

USD 55

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