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Mental Balance is the key to a calm self

Meaning or purpose in life is important which is achieved by a balanced mind. Life is a roller coaster ride and while we enjoy the good moments, bad moments will come along our way and lead to disruption. A balanced mind will be able to recover soonest and continue the right path.  When your body is nurtured and a balance of mind and body is experienced, you will begin to discover your inner self and hear your inner voice. Spiritual path brings peace to one's inner self which is achieved by bringing in strong mental balance. With some guidance, you can find your mental balance and spiritual path. Read the details as I have shared and see how I can help you.

Image by Kristina Flour

Achieve Emotional Balance

Take a 90 minute session to understand and seek guidance on how to build a routine that can help create or strengthen your mental and emotional balance. Understand how being aware, observant, non-judgmental, meditating, deep breathing, chants, balancing your masculine and feminine can help transform your life.

Oracle Card Reading

Being Kundalini awakened and spiritual, led me to getting messages from the Universe and divine souls and angels. Oracle card reading to me has been incredibly therapeutic. Being unique and different, they are a great way to translate the messages. Get a reading for yourself to understand more about your blocked energies.

Image by Ouassima Issrae

How we feel and think is central to the way we live our lives.

Mental life can have ups and downs as well !

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