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The Power of Healing
and how I can help

Healing essentially refers to making someone Healthy, Whole, and rewired at Mind, Body and Soul level. While there could be physical healing needs, another aspect where a person would need healing in their inner self - essentially referred to as Spiritual Healing. It could be at the Soul, Emotional, Mental or Physical / Material level. Spiritual Healing would look at recharging someone at inner level. Healing comes to seekers from channels like me to whom the guidance and procedures are downloaded from the Universe, Angels and other Higher Positive sources. In my case, this was largely possible because of the Kundalini awakening process that I went through.

What do I do if I need healing ?

Healing could be required by anyone, anytime - it is important to understand healing should be done on the root cause, and not just the symptoms or effect of the issue. It helps to prevent for long term leading to life transformations. You could look for a Reiki Healing session, Chakra balancing and / or Chakra Cleaning or if you have general emotional blockages, I would recommend to go for my Inner Work and Oracle Card Reading sessions.

What kind of problems can be sorted out by Reiki or Spiritual Healing ?

As I mentioned, healing, could be Reiki or Spiritual, could be required by anyone. You may have physical or psychological issues, Material issues (career, business, property, finance) you may want negative entities removal (Emotional Chords to be cut), you may be affected by past like Karmas, curses etc., you may be running through Relationship issues, you could be a student who has phobias or lack of interest or more. In all these cases, healing works and the issues could be removed / reduced.

Covid 19 and after effects

Last couple of years have turned the world upside down, post Coronavirus came in. Things have not been the same - businesses and offices world wide closed down or went remote, Education changed its way and went remote, working individuals stopped going to offices and started work from home, and many other things happened. While a lot of positives and creative solutions came up in-spite of continuous lock downs and closures to maintain continuity, there were various side effects and negative impacts. Working hours inadvertently extended as you were in your home office and available anytime; with online education, students got more and more exposed to gadgets and machines, online gaming, leading to health and behavioral issues; stay at home mothers had more work to do since the entire family was at home. Largely speaking, Mental Health became more and more important. While there are some who learnt to balance, majority still face challenges with that. If you are one of them, please reach out to me for assistance in bringing back the balance with the help of Spiritual Healing, Deep Breathwork, listening to chants and mantras, etc. I have personally been following a balanced transformed routine that has helped me maintain my Mental and Physical Health. Read more details in my Inner Work and Oracle Card Reading section.

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Reiki - A Natural Way to Heal

I’m a certified Reiki master healer - I offer a holistic approach to healing and passionately believe in the power of the body to heal through an alternative and naturistic path.

Approach to healing sessions

Healing, be it Reiki or Spiritual, is not an easy process. It requires a lot of focus, time, trust, energy, concentration, commitment and patience. While the seeker has to be patient to see the results, the healer has to be very careful since healing has to be done with precision. In certain cases, which may relate with negative energy removals, the healer may be susceptible to being affected during the healing process.

As a first step, we (seeker and healer) will spend the first few minutes of the first session in understanding your problem(s) and getting to the root blockage which could be a current problem or a problem that lie in past lives (Karmic) that our soul would have carried. While Reiki Healing will follow its path and work towards addressing problem, Spiritual Healing sessions will work towards clearing or reducing blockages. A General Soul Reading session that is done using Oracle Cards looks at addressing the current or progressive situation. All the information that is shared is through the messages delivered from the Universe, Divine Sources, Angels via the healer.

Do's and Dont's before and after taking sessions

Distance healing​ sessions are provided remotely or over WhatsApp audio calls as well (per mutual comfort level). When you are scheduled for a session, please ensure you have a quiet place where you can receive the healing without distractions. It is ideal to have a place to rest as well e.g. comfortable chair or couch. If such an environment is not available, it would be advisable to avoid noisy surroundings.

After a session, Energy will continue to work in your body for the next couple of days or more. It is recommended to avoid or reduce consumption of meats, alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar, etc. during and after the healing sessions.

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Inner Work / Oracle Cards

Oracle card reading is incredibly therapeutic. Being unique and different, they are a great way to translate the messages. Get a reading for yourself to understand more about your blocked energies.

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Chakra Balancing / Aura Cleansing

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. Balancing and cleansing of chakras refers to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing

What is your commitment as a Seeker ?  


Spiritual Healing does not replace any existing medical treatment. It works towards clearing energy blockages and aids / supports the seeker to get better. If you are undergoing any treatment or taking wise and logical steps to address your issues, please continue to do so. You may be a struggling student but you need to study well - spiritual healing will help to enhance your concentration, will reduce your anxiety, calm you and help you focus well. You may be look for a job so continue to apply and utilize your references - spiritual healing will help guide you to the right direction. You may be a someone facing challenges in your business so you should continue to take wise decisions in your best interest for the right strategy - spiritual healing will help you guide to the right clients, projects, etc. These are just examples but there could be many more scenarios like this. The key message is that the seeker is responsible for the way their healing will go. They need to be the part of the process and adhere to certain other important factors.

Be Receptive - to the messages your body gives you

Be Open - seek the healing energies with an open mind and be open to changes

Be Patient - healing takes time; you may have issues that have taken months / years to accumulate, removal or reduction will also take time

Be Committed - it is your health, you have to dedicate time to bring about a positive change

Be Grateful - Gratitude is the key, always be thankful to the Universal energies that are giving you an opportunity to heal

Be Confident - trust and have faith in yourself and your healer. A clear mind will get better and faster results. If there is an element of doubt, it is advisable to look for alternate choices


As you may have an option to chose a healer, the healer also has an option to accept or not accept the recipient without any justification or clarification.

As mentioned earlier, healings are not a replacement for or alternative to any medical treatment. If you are undergoing any medical treatment, as a healer, I will not ask you to discontinue. It is entirely your decision as a seeker.

I am not an astrologer and don't do fortune telling, but the information I share is purely through the diving connection I have and the messages I get after connecting with your energies.

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Animal Reiki - for your pet

Our connection to spirit and ability to trust our own intuition is one of the greatest sources of happiness and content. Understanding the power of our own energies and balancing through breathing and meditation can do wonders.

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