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Pet Reiki

Re-balance and re-energize your pet's health via Reiki


Animals are natural healers - they share an amazing bond with humans who take care of them or their owners. They usually mirror physical and emotional stress with their care takers. In this healing process, animals have a tendency to take on their owner problems due to the deep bond they share together. This leads to energy imbalances. As a healer, I usually love the combination of Animal Communication and Animal Reiki as it enables us to connect and understand our pets / animals.

A great way to understand your pets and see what is going on is to communicate with them. Pet Reiki helps us in doing so and heal the root of their energy imbalances. Reiki works on Animals in a similar way as humans and helps to balance their energy levels, provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It is a wonderful method that helps to bring them back to natural balance.


An Pet Reiki session works in a similar way as humans. It is given remotely (distant healing) after you provide some information about your loving pet. We can meet over a call to start with where I can see your pet virtually as well. Post that, you can share a photo and / or video of your pet, their name, reason for seeking a Reiki healing and any other additional information. This will be followed by a distant Reiki session the details of which will be communicated to you via email or over a call.


For New clients, it is recommended to go through at least 3-5 session for Reiki healing to be effective. The first session would usually be on assessing and setting focus on the future treatments.


Keeping in mind that the recovery is still underway from Covid 19, all sessions are currently conducted remotely (Distant Healing). You can go through the options below and chose to what you would want to go for.

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Pet Reiki Services

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30 Minutes

USD 55

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60 Minutes

USD 75

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90 Minutes

USD 95

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