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Custom Linen Tapestry with Tassel Cotton Linen Wall Hanging
· [Material]:  Linen
· [Size]:  25cm x 38cm/10" x 15"(tassels not included)
· [Printing Technology]:  Thermal transfer print
· [Printing Position]:  Single-sided printing
· [Color]:  Beige


Invoke the energy of Maa Kaali with this tapestry; put it at a place where you spend time with yourself - in your living room hall, pooja room. Look at her, visualize her in your third eye, sit in silence, meditate, recite the chant on the tapestry - connect with her, connect with your inner being, and see yourself transform !

Blessings from Maa Kaali ! 


About this Item
· Delicate tapestry - the Maa Kaali painting was made by me in high vibrations, I used to medidate and work on this.
The tapestry embellished with tassel pendants is a lovely decor to place in the bedroom, living room, garden to say a warm welcome to your guest. It comes with pleasant beige color of wood and linen cotton, which creates a fine canvas to print any pattern. 
· Thick and sturdy
This tapestry is made of a thick cotton linen fabric that features a beautiful texture.
· High-quality printing
The linen fabric is a natural material that is mild and versatile for any printing technology, which assures you a beautiful vibrant printing.

A variety of production factors may cause slight differences between the actual product and the Mock-up, which may be colors, printing position, or size.

Maa Kaali Linen Tapestry with Tassel Cotton Linen Wall Hanging